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Dance of the Broken Hearts

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 Desire grows within the heart,

  Anticipation quickens as we start.

   Nearing your body, I look and see,

    Captivating eyes and tears of thee.

     Essence flows as I take a hold.


 Within your soul, beauty to behold.

   In seconds we blend, the dance begun,

    Turning, gliding our hearts are one.

     High in the sky two stars now merge,


 Mighty forces bring forth this surge.

   Ever onward the dance continues,


 Fire forges, within our sinews.

  Oblivious to the ones around,

   Rapid beats of our hearts do sound.

    Ever onward the dance does flow,

     Vibrant moves our bodies now glow.

      Ever higher in the sky beyond,

       Renewed now, our hearts respond.

 Pablo – June 1995


Written by Paul V Jennings