Poem Title

I See Your Face



There are times when my thoughts do fade,

To loose the image of your face is what I'm afraid.

Time is a cruel continuum that erases from youth,

Things of delight like the shape of your mouth.


What is the color of the pools in your eyes,

and when you breathe your soft cries.

The linear curve of your nose a convexity goes,

Your abundant hair across your breast gently flows.


Help me remember one so fair,

For I am troubled and in despair.

Across the room your smile illuminates my world,

An instant in time now knowledge is unfurled.


Synapses fire with continuous intensity in my domain,

Turning around the image explodes within my brain.

You are here within my heart entwined,

To peer into your soul through the gateway of my mind.


Pablo – June 2018

    Written by Paul V Jennings