Poems by Paul V Jennings

A collection of lyrical imaginations inspired by the people I have come to know.

Raindrops Monkey Talk Philadelphia
Pearl of Great Value Ships in the Night Sweet Thoughts
The Blue Bird Bedtime Stories  Dance of the Broken Hearts
Catch 22 Covenant of Salt The Queen of Hearts
Time Bridges The Lonely Soul The Power of a Woman
Loneliness Is The Greatest Poverty The Return of the Poet Questions
The Rose Halfway House In Your Hands
The Feminine Touch Future Hopes Where Are You
What Tomorrow Brings The Proposal Desires of the heart
Rescue at Sea What Do You See The Long Paddock
I See Your Face Why He Causes to Become
On the Road Again Devils Wish Sunset
My Friend Kangaroo By His Side The Enemy Within
My Brother What is this Sickness The Beautiful Things
Search for the Unsearchable To Mend a Broken Heart