Poem Title

On the Road Again



It is time to carefully pack our bags,

to put on those comfy old rags.

Check the water and the oil,

for we don't want the ole girl to boil.


My navigator has the maps in hand,

figures and tracks that only she can understand.

Out the drive and a wave to friends,

trust we're glad, their way of life transcends.


The traffic's heavy as we start our trip,

sometimes I wish we were on a ship.

The day progresses and the traffic lightens up,

we pull over for a rest and a nice hot cup.


The next day we find the Sun on our right,

the smell of sea air, the view, what a sight.

Down to a beach feel the sand, see the surf,

often times I desire we could live on this turf.


Day after day the vistas are the same,

but the sunrises deserve a picture frame.

Navigator says its time to climb the range,

the forest's shade beckons us to make the change.


Thundering waterfall mist satisfies the gentle breeze,

giant shadows fall between ancient trees.

Lush green, paints our eyes and senses do flood,

to compare the vision with one so loved.


The scene is changing the land looks so dry,

I've never seen such colours in the sky.

Traverse gravel roads on red desert sand,

wedge-tailed eagles circle, and upon a carcass land.


Heading south, we make the climb of a mountain range,

the higher the ascent our clothes we do change.

There's a chill in the air as snow surrounds our view,

to expel the cold we bunk in a chalet just for two.


The call to home within us does grow,

thoughts of the journey's end a contemplate show.

Laying in our warm bed by tomorrow night,

we turn the corner, “Home sweet home” is insight.


Pablo – July 2018

    Written by Paul V Jennings