Poem Title




Clouds flow gently across the darkening sky,

climbing the ridge obtains a view we can rely.

Hand in hand we stand and await the display,

camera ready to hand will add to your array.


The birds are quiet as orange ball touches land,

your grip tightens in my extended hand.

Behind grey clouds hasten toward the west,

before our eyes the panorama unfolds from this crest.


Sun paints cloud and sky yellow, then an orange hue,

I turn for a moment to gaze at you.

Pink clouds highlight the tear upon your cheek,

beams of light across the sky now streak.


Below the silhouetted horizon our life now sets,

thinking of the one who forgave all ours debts.

Descending together as grey cloud take a hold,

what will tomorrow bring for us to behold?


Pablo – August 2018


Written by Paul V Jennings